BiSearch: Primer Design and Search Tool

Welcome to the BiSearch Web Server

BiSearch is a primer-design algorithm for DNA sequences. It may be used for both bisulfite converted as well as for original not modified sequences. You can search various genomes with the designed primers to avoid non-specific PCR products by our fast ePCR method. This is especially recommended when primers are designed to amplify the highly redundant bisulfite treated sequences.

You can find more details about the algorithm in our article, or please refer to the Manual.

BiSearch Web Server was completly rewritten on January, 2006. A new genome search algorithm was applied by using hashing technique. By this new FPCR (Fast PCR) algorithm a typical genom search can be done within one minute or less. Please read all of the changes in ChangeLog.

BiSearch Web Server is free for academic users. For commercial use of the server please contact BiSearch On-line Assistance.

\"New\"Simple search and methylation sensitive primer search and ePCR can be carried out. See ChangeLog for further details.

Ensembl database releases are automatically downloaded and indexed by the BiSearch Web Server after two working days. See ChangeLog for further details.

Technical advises
BiSearch Web Server uses cookies to identify your connection, and to store data about your parameters. Therefore it is recommended that you enable cookie mechanism on your browser. The server uses a new online help documentation system. This is implemented by using javascript, thus you can enjoy this feature if you use javascript capable browser.

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